Corinna Cheng


Corinna Cheng is an artist, singer and actress who speaks fluent Cantonese and English. Her parents are from New Zealand and Australia, her husband is Hong Kong Chinese, and she was born and raised in Hong Kong. From 2008 to 2020 she was an actress for TVB and starred in several popular drama series including Inbound Troubles, Come On Cousin and Limelight Years. In 2013 she won Second Runner Up in the TVB artist singing competition The Voice of The Stars and released her debut Cantonese album entitled, 《香港有個陳明恩 》 in the same year. She has received many awards for her music including two Metro Radio music awards and two RTHK awards in 2013 and 2014 respectively.  Corinna Cheng graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2006 majoring in Musical Theatre Dance. During her studies, she was the recipient of The Society of HKAPA Scholarship, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship (Outstanding Awards) and the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship. She has been sought after for many corporate performances, commercial advertisements, theatre shows and has supported many church and charity events. Her lead roles in theatre include Annie, The Boy Friend, Disco Inferno, The Snow Queen, The Pajama Game, The Bluebird, Dead Man's Cell Phone and Smokey Joe's Cafe. She has also worked as a backing vocalist, dancer, choreographer, a dance and vocal instructor, a model and as an emcee.



藝人陳明恩能唱能演,能說一口流利的廣東話與英語。她的父母來自新西蘭和澳洲,她則是在香港土生土長,後更嫁了一位香港華人。2008年加入無線電視,迄今已參演了多齣大受觀眾歡迎的戲劇,包括《老表,你好嘢!》、《老表,你好hea!》和《華麗轉身》。2013年,她參加無線電視的《星夢傳奇》歌唱比賽,贏取了季軍;同年她推出了她的個人首張廣東話唱片《香港有個陳明恩 》 。她憑歌藝贏得了多個獎項,兩個來自新城電台(2013),兩個來自香港電台(2014)。陳明恩2006年畢業於香港演藝學院,主修音樂劇舞及歌唱,就學期間獲演藝學院友誼社、成龍慈善基金獎學金(傑出獎項)及尤德爵士紀念基金獎學金。她經常獲邀參與大機構旗下的各類表演、拍攝商業廣告、舞台劇,也熱心支持教會與慈善活動。舞台演出方面,她演過《ANNIE小安妮》、《男朋友》、《的士高狂熱》、《雪后》、《睡衣遊戲》、《尋找快樂藍鳥》、《死人的手機》和《喬「樂」無窮咖啡館》,均擔演重要角色,亦擔任過幕後伴唱、舞蹈員、編舞、舞蹈與聲樂指導、模特兒、司儀。