Jordan Cheng


Jordan Cheng is a professional musical theatre performer, playwright and producer and has performed worldwide in more than 60 theatre productions in 15 major cities. He received his Master’s Degree in Musical Theatre from the Guildford School of Acting (GSA) in the UK and trained extensively under the mentorship of Mohamed Drissi. Hailed as ‘mesmerizing’ and ‘beguiling’ by The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, he received the Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Best Actor in a Musical in 2017, Best Leading Actor for The 26th Hong Kong Drama Awards and was nominated Outstanding Male Performer in Musical Theatre for The 39th Annual DORA Awards. Jordan Cheng has collaborated with many local theatre and performing arts companies including Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Edward Lam Dance Theatre, Actors’ Family, The Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute, Yat Po Singers and the Macau Experimental Theatre among others. His vocal strengths in a wide range of musical styles combined with his acting and dancing abilities put him in great demand for demanding roles. As scriptwriter and producer Jordan has created several musicals in Cantonese to wide acclaim. His selected credits include Hi Dad...Bye, Cache-Cache Par Amour, The White Collar Principle: A Musical Fable, Our Glory Days, MURDER CODE: D and Sing a Song of Mine.



音樂劇演員、編劇、創作人。英國吉爾福德演藝學院(Guildford School of Acting) 音樂劇演藝碩士。曾赴紐約美國戲劇藝術學院 (The American Academy of Dramatic Arts)  研習音樂劇技巧。師承香港音樂劇藝術學院藝術總監謝漢文(Mohamed Drissi)。2018年憑《時先生與他的情人》奪得加拿大多倫多劇評人大獎音樂劇最佳男主角,以及加拿大DORA戲劇獎年度音樂劇男演員提名,2017年則憑《仲夏夜之夢》獲提名第二十六屆香港舞台劇獎最佳男主角。獲加拿大最大報章《環球郵報》及《多倫多星報》等盛讚其歌聲「旖旎靈巧、如醉如痴」的鄭氏,至今擔演近六十齣舞台製作,演出足跡遍及全球十多個主要城市。曾合作團體 包括:香港話劇團、香港城市室樂團、香港小交響樂團、小城實驗劇團、非常林奕華、演戲家族、香港音樂劇藝術學院、一舖清唱等。曾為多套原創音樂劇作品執筆劇本或曲詞,包括:街舞音樂劇場《我係歌手》、音樂劇《娛樂之王》、偵探音樂劇《D之殺人事件》、搖滾音樂劇《我們的光榮路》、音樂劇《職場抗戰日記》、音樂諷刺喜劇《月光草莓族之八十後的生病與生存》、音樂劇《我的非常老竇》等。