Nate Wong


Hong Kong drummer Nate Wong grew up in the USA where he graduated from the Berklee College of Music. He is currently based in New York City and in Hong Kong, and tours internationally with a variety of bands. Nate is a versatile musician, well known for his diverse collaborations and his ability to adapt to a wide range of musical styles. He has performed in concert halls with Dock in Absolute, at rock festivals with the Nowhere Boys, in concert arenas with Sammi Cheng and in jazz clubs with the Night Bus People. He has appeared around the world at venues festivals including The SSE Arena Wembley, Graceland‘s Graceland Guest House Theatre, Tokyo Jazz Festival, the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, the Phi Mu Alpha Jazz Festival, the Guangzhou Opera House and the Hong Kong Coliseum among others.



香港爵士鼓手黃彥康在美國長大,畢業於伯克利音樂學院,現時定居於紐約和香港,經常與不同樂隊周遊國際演出。他音樂才華洋溢,能因應不同類別的音樂風格,靈活地與不同樂手配搭,曾與「Dock in Absolute」登上音樂廳舞台、與「Nowhere Boys」演出搖滾音樂節、在流行音樂會為鄭秀文伴奏、與「Night Bus People」在俱樂部演出等。他走遍全球,在多個大型場館的音樂節獻藝,包括溫布萊體育館、皮禮士利故居雅園的酒店劇場、東京爵士樂節、香港國際爵士音樂節、Phi Mu Alpha爵士音樂節、廣州歌劇院、香港體育館等。