Ye Byeol Lee


Ye Byeol Lee was born in South Korea and began playing violin at the age of three. At the age of ten she won the First Prize in the Seoul International Music Competition and was subsequently invited to perform as soloist with the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra in Russia and the Masan Symphony Orchestra in South Korea. In 1998 Ye Byeol Lee moved to New York to study with Masao Kawasaki and the late Dorothy DeLay at the Juilliard School of Music. During her studies she was appointed leader of various ensembles at the Juilliard School of Music and gave solo performances at the Lincoln Centre including a concerto appearance with the Symphony of Westchester. In 2004 she performed Tchaikovsky's violin concerto at Carnegie Hall. From 1997 to 2004 she attended the Aspen Music Festival on a student fellowship. Ye Byeol Lee holds a Postgraduate Diploma (Performance) from the Mannes College of Music in New York where she studied under Miranda Cuckson. In 2012 she returned to Asia. She became a member of City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong in 2019. She has also been active as a composer and in May 2013 presented a speech and performance of her work at the TEDxVictoria Harbour in Hong Kong.



李伊壁生於韓國,三歲已開始學習小提琴,十歲在首爾國際音樂節贏取桂冠,隨後應邀到俄羅斯為新西伯利亞愛樂樂團擔任獨奏,又為韓國的馬山交響樂團作獨奏表演。1998年移居紐約,入讀茱莉亞音樂學院,先後隨川崎政男和已故的狄妮深造。在茱莉亞學藝時,獲委任為學校多個樂團的團長,多次在林肯中心作獨奏演出,其中一次是與韋斯切斯特交響樂團合演協奏曲。2004年,她在卡奈基音樂廳演出柴可夫斯基的小提琴協奏曲。1997至2004年其間,獲獎學金到艾斯本音樂節進修。 她在紐約的曼斯音樂學院隨谷森教授深造,並獲研究生文憑(演奏)畢業。李伊壁於2012年返回亞洲,並於2019年起加入香港城市室樂團。她於2013年5月應邀在TEDxVictoria Harbour演講及演奏自己的一首作品。